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BPC-157 5MG

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One thing that cannot be avoided when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness is the soreness that comes with working out. This soreness, in bodybuilding, is a result of a micro tear breakdown process that takes place in the muscles to enable it to heal and develop into a bigger mass. As necessary as this might be, the pains that come with it are not really necessary and can be avoided with the help of BPC-157 5MG for sale.

This substance is a peptide; that is compound made of more than one amino acid linked in a chain form to join their carboxyl groups and amino groups. It occurs naturally in the stomach acid and is made of up to 15 amino acid fragments. It was researched and synthetically produced years ago to boost human abilities. This is a result of its regenerative ability which makes it easier for the body to heal from soreness and wounds. BPC stands for Body Protection Compound.

  • Common name: BPC-157 5MG, PL 14736
  • Active ingredients: PL 14736
  • Substance: 5mg/vial
  • Drug class: Pentadecapeptide
  • Chemical name: Booly protection compound 15; BPC-157
  • Molecular weight: 1419.556 g/mol
  • Formula: C62H98N16O22
  • Manufacturer: Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
  • Half-life: 4 hours


Research shows that this compound can initiate healing on the body, especially in areas like the bones, tendons, teeth, intestine, muscles, and so on. When ingested, BPC-157 triggers the formation of new blood vessels which directly increases the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients around the body. indirection, these new vessels formation brings about the following effects.

  • Blocks the anti-growth effect of the 4‐hydroxynonenal molecule
  • Plays a notable role in reducing depression, pains, and seizures. This is a result of its effects in the process and functions of the neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin
  • Facilitates the healing of inflamed gut linings as in the case of stomach ulcers
  • Effectively reduces blood pressure and high potassium levels by increasing the production and retention of Nitric Oxide in the body
  • Initiates a healing process that causes the tendon cells to make more receptors for growth signaling molecules
  • Reduces any form of inflammation in the body
  • Works on the brain to increase reasoning, focus, and memory.


Research about this substance is still ongoing, and there is currently no proven dosage approved by the FDA for any conditions. However, there is the unofficial (yet reliable) dose used by many when they buy and administer BPC.

Experts recommend at least 250 mcg to be administered 2 times per day. It may be more or less depending on the user’s body weight – 1 to 10 mcg per kg of body weight taken once per day. Generally, one can take between 200 to 800 mcg per day depending on the individual’s body weight.


BPC is mostly used by bodybuilders during their post cycle therapy after a steroid cycle. This recovery procedure would help the body heal which is what this product is all about. In addition to that, buying and using this substance for a PCT would trigger the natural production of body hormones which are usually suppressed by steroids, and reduce lingering side effects from enhancers.

So far, there are no record side effects of taking BPC-157.

Package 1 vial (5mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance PL 14736
Common name BPC-157 5MG, PL 14736

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BPC-157 5MG

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