In order to make use of the online ticketing system it's important that you firstly make sure you are logged into your account using the credentials you created when initially registering your details with us.

If you happen to encounter any issues when trying to login or when trying to reset your password using the link, the quickest way to resolve the issue is by creating a new account using the Gmail platform as this will guarantee that you receive any communication sent by us.

Once you're successfully able to access your account again you will then be able to make use of the ticketing system. At present there is no other means of contacting us outside of the online ticketing system.

We understand that mistakes can sometimes be made during the ordering process or you might forget to add something.

All you need to do is place a new order with us in these instances following which the old order will be automatically removed from our system and replaced with the updated version.

We provide automatic updates at every stage of the shipment process from packing straight through to journey status. These updates are sent via email or alternatively you can view the latest status by logging into your account.

The reason why you should buy from us instead of other online retailers is our attention to manufacturing detail and dedication to achieving the utmost standards in service and product excellence.

All of our items are created in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines to ensure that you're not only using the safest products around, but the most effective ones too. Combined with our great value prices and discrete shipping methods this makes us stand out  from the crowd.

At present it's only possible to order directly from our website. You simply need to add the items you desire to your digital cart following which you'll need to complete your order and process your payment using any of our secure methods.

It's absolutely safe to order from our website, yes. We understand the reservations that some have when making online orders which is why we've done everything possible to protect your personal information at all times.

Our site not only features a high level of encryption but it is also HTTPS-SSL secure. This means that at no stage of your browsing or ordering process will your information ever be accessible by an external source.

You'll be pleased to know that we currently ship worldwide to any country meaning that you can access our products regardless of where you are located in the world.

We completely understand your concerns over this aspect of our shipping process and we like to be as transparent as possible with our customers in regards to the chances of seizures occurring during the journey of your shipment from our laboratory to your home.

Please see below for the associated risk percentages of shipment seizure occurring in your area of the world:

  • ·         Packages shipped to the USA, Qatar, Dubai and Europe currently carry no risk of a seizure occurring
  • ·         Customers receiving packages in Japan currently have a 15% risk of their package being seized in transit
  • ·         Customers receiving shipments in Australia, Canada, Switzerland and South Korea currently have a 30% chance of their package being seized in transit

If you're unsure what the risk of your package being seized is if you live in any other area of the world, simply raise a new ticket with us following which we'll gladly assist you by providing the information you require.

At present there's no minimum order requirement when purchasing products from or online store. Our standard shipping fees apply to all orders of any size, however.

At various stages of your orders progress you will see a different status being displayed in your account and receive an email update to make you aware that your order is being processed through our facility before finally being shipped.

The various different statuses you will see after placing an order with us are as follows:

  • ·         Pending / Awaiting Payment Information: We're still waiting for your payment information. You need to log in to your account and fill in a payment information form then send it through to us.
  • ·         Withdrawing Money: We're actively in the process of withdrawing funds from your chosen bank account
  • ·         Awaiting Bank Wire: We're currently waiting for the funds you have transferred to reach our account successfully
  • ·         Semi-Shipped: Unfortunately, we have been able to ship some of your order out to you but not all of it due to current stock levels. In instances where the number of items we are unable to deliver is significant we will make you aware and wait for a re stock to occur before sending out your entire order at once.
  • ·         Shipped: Great news, we have received payment successfully and your order is on its way to you. In conjunction with sending you email updates you'll also be able to follow the progress of your shipment by logging into your account and clicking on the order history section
  • ·         Payment Information Wrong: Unfortunately the payment information you sent through to us is not correct and we were unable to successfully receive payment through your chosen payment source. Please submit another order in order to restart the order process.

If you encounter any issues at any stage of your order shipment please raise a ticket following which we will be all too happy to assist you further.


We've tried to ensure that as many potential customers as possible are catered for by offering three secure payment methods for you to make use of.

Our payment methods are as follows:

  • ·         WesternUnion: We cannot currently accept orders below the value of $350 using this method of payment due to the elevated fees and administration associated with using it
  • ·         Bitcoin: We prefer all orders to be processed using this payment method and it will always guarantee the most efficient order processing experience
  • ·         MoneyGram: This payment method carries no minimum requirement though any order placed via MoneyGram will be processed at a slightly delayed rate when compared to Bitcoin

We are currently not accepting any other methods of payment due to the sensitive nature of our product line.

We do not accept any other payment methods outside of those listed above. This is because of the nature of our business and we hope that you can appreciate that this is the only viable way to ensure that both our personal information and yours remain entirely anonymous.

Should you encounter any websites offering payment by bank card or PayPal then it's likely that they aren't a legitimate retailer, as these payment options are entirely unfeasible for a real online anabolic retailer.

After successfully submitting a payment to us you then need to login to your account and fill in the payment information form. Please be aware that unless a form is filled in, we will not be aware that you have sent a payment through to us.

WesternUnion (For Orders Of Or In Excess Of $350):

This payment method takes a higher fee per transaction than any of the other listed methods meaning that as a business we make less money per order. WesternUnion is also significantly more complex to process versus other methods leading to a higher percentage of our time being taken up with administration.

WesternUnion is a payment method being used worldwide and features a global network of pay points that can be used to manually send and receive payments.

We make use of a list of pre approved locations by which to send and receive payments which can be accessed on our website to ensure a smooth transaction process should you decide to use this method.

It's absolutely crucial that you complete payment within 48 hours if you're using WesternUnion to pay for your goods. This is because our list of receivers is constantly being updated / changed.

Should a period of 48 hours or more elapse after completing your order without a payment being made this will necessitate the most up to date list of receivers being sent to you in order to ensure that we can successfully receive payment.

No online payments will be accepted via WesternUnion and it's imperative that you use one of the physical pay points to send to one of our receivers as per our latest receiver list. Please be aware that any online transactions using the WesternUnion online system will be blocked.

Should this be the case, it may take several days in order for your funds to be returned to your bank account.

It's no issue whatsoever if you wish to use a friend or relative to send the funds for your order over to us using a WesternUnion pay point. Please be aware that in order for the funds to be sent successfully you must ensure that the payees details are on the payment information form.

Should you put your details on the form as opposed to the person you have nominated to make the payment for you, this will result in us not being able to receive the funds.

The WesternUnion platform has an inbuilt safety feature that automatically blocks payments from or to accounts where there have been a significant amount of funds withdrawn within a short space of time, or for any number of other reasons including payment anomalies.

In these instances your order status will read as "payment information wrong." Following this, we'll send you an email with further information about how you can proceed with your order.


What makes BitCoin such an attractive payment option is the fact that it's a completely discrete and untraceable means of purchasing goods. It's a virtual currency that's quick and easy to process whilst taking no fees from the seller.

For these reasons we always prefer buyers to complete payment for their order using BitCoin over any of our other options. Paying via BitCoin always means that your order will be processed more swiftly than others.

We always recommend purchasing BitCoin from a highly reputable website called You simply need to create an account on there for free following which you'll then be able to purchase BitCoin using a bank card.

When you select BitCoin as your payment method we'll then provide you with the details required to send your BitCoin directly to our BitCoin wallet.

It's important that you ensure that there is enough available BitCoin in your own digital wallet prior to completing your order to cover the total order value. It's imperative that you don't select BitCoin cash as your payment method on the BitCoin platform.

Should BitCoin cash be selected as a payment method this will result in the total and irreversible loss of all funds sent through to us.

As per payment via any other of our available methods you must log in to your account and complete a payment information form so that we are aware of your BitCoin transfer. We have no way of knowing that payments have been made unless one of these forms has been filled in.

We understand that filling in one of our payment forms can be a little complicated when using BitCoin, but we'll tell you how to do it so that it's right the first time you send it through to us.

Your form should be filled in as follows when using BitCoin:

Who Paid For The Order?: In this section you need to enter the full name of the person who is sending the payment through to us, whether it's yourself or someone else. Don't forget to include any middle names.

Your Country: In this section you need to enter your country of origin, or if it's someone else making the payment the country needs to be their country of residence.

MTCH Code, Blockchain ID Or HASH: In this section you need to paste the Blockchain ID or HASH in order to be able to successfully send us payment.

If you're stuck about where to find either then you simply need to head to:

This link if you're using a Coinbase wallet.

Or this link if you're using a wallet.

Either link will take you through to a video that explains how you can get the information you require.

Exact Amount To Be Received (When Using BitCoin Don't Forget To Put In The Exact Value Of The BitCoin Being Sent To Us): You won't need to write what the value of your order is in dollars. We simply need to know the BitCoin amount being sent so that we can see whether or not it covers the order value. It should be entered in the format 0.03248 BTC for example.

Which Receiver Did You Send The Funds Through To? (This Section Only Needs To Be Filled In When Using WesternUnion): In this section you need to state exactly which receiver you sent the funds for your order through to. Please be aware that this section should be ignored if you're not using WesternUnion.

Special Comment: If you feel that there is any information that we should know in regards to sending or processing the payment for your order then please make us aware of what it is in this section.

When we're supplied with a transaction ID it helps us to quickly identify exactly who sent a payment through to us and directly link it with their order. This makes for a more efficient ordering process.

Your transaction ID will typically appear in a similar format to this:


Remember to watch the videos we linked you to in the previous section as they provide a step by step guide to finding your ID depending on your preferred BitCoin wallet provider.

Should we not receive the ID for your order then we will be unable to fulfil it due to us not being able to link it to you directly.

Shipping & Delivery:

As a result of the worldwide pandemic our shipments will unfortunately be delayed whe compared to our normal shipping / delivery timeframes.

In order for us to be able to class an item as "missing", we now need to wait until a period of 65 or more days has elapsed as this is unfortunately now a "normal" maximum length of shipping time beyond which it's safe to say that an item has likely gone missing in transit without reasonable doubt.

Unless 65 days have passed, we are unable to classify an item as missing and reship it.

It's important to track your order once it has been dispatched at or by logging into your account and going into the order section. This will allow you to keep up to date with the progress of your package.

We offer our sincere apologies under the circumstances as we appreciate that 65 days is a long waiting period. However, the enormous change in global shipping times and protocol has made this a standard feature until the end of the pandemic.

We know how important this aspect of using our service is given the nature of the products that we sell. We never have a company name on any of our packaging nor do we allude to the package contents.

This ensures that only the buyer is aware of what's inside at any given time.