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If ever an anabolic compound was to be categorized as a supplementary steroid it would definitely be tbol which is often far better used in conjunction with other items as part of a wider stack rather than being integrated as a standalone product.

Still, there are certainly benefits to gain from using it alone as there are when it is administered solo. We're going to provide you with a full overview of what these benefits are including how to effectively use it for maximum advantage in total safety. Read on for everything you need to know.

The Benefits Of Turinabol (Tbol)

How most people first hear about this product before they first decide to buy turinabol is in relation to reading about something known as the German doping scandal that saw several high profile German athletes competing in the Olympics test positive for the use of performance enhancing drugs.

As opposed to being several different compounds the primary source of this scandal was actually tbol. The turinabol benefits are subtle and quite undetectable to the naked eye which makes it the perfect choice for an athlete who wishes to elevate their performance without any obvious clues that is being used.

These benefits of turinabol for sale largely revolve around dramatic increases in endurance due to an enhanced oxygen uptake in the blood which improves everything from nutrient uptake capacity to blood flow around the body making respiratory and muscular function easier and longer lasting.

In conjunction with this there are mild strength benefits and potentially muscular gain increases too. All the while the users ability to repair and perform physical activity again is elevated.

It's this winning combination of enhanced endurance and recovery whilst remaining largely undetectable that made turinabol (and still makes it) an athlete's best friend.

The benefits of tbol include but are not limited to:
•    Massively increases muscular and respiratory endurance
•    Marginally increased muscle mass
•    Improved recovery
•    Increased sex drive
•    Reduced water retention
•    Increased strength
•    Accelerated fat burning
•    Improved muscular visibility
•    Marginally muscle mass
•    Increased strength
•    Improved confidence
•    Elevated energy levels and focus

The above reasons are what lead to so many people deciding to order turinabol to use as part of their cycles.

It's worth mentioning too that turinabol assists with the reduction of water retention too meaning that it's a great steroid for a cutting cycle when used alongside other compounds. The recovery benefits and accelerated nutrient uptake capacity are welcome additions in this scenario too.

Turinabol (Tbol) Dosage

Those cycling with tbol will typically follow a cycle for a total length of between 4 - 6 weeks which is a lot shorter than some other compounds but this is in part due to the fact that it is toxic to the liver and will require the use of liver support products in order to ensure that no side effects arise.

If you're experienced with anabolic compounds then you're likely to be able to use this product for 6 weeks the first time around with a very minimal risk of adverse issues arising in the process. This will usually be the minimum length required for truly desirable results too.

Effective tbol dosage ranges are as follows:
•    A beginner should use roughly 20 - 30mg per day for an initial period of 4 weeks
•    Intermediate users should take roughly 40mg per day for 6 weeks
•    An advanced user will require an intake of 50mg per day for 6 weeks in order to attain maximum benefit

As previously stated it's important that you incorporate some form of liver support (like high strength milk thistle) in order to ensure that your internal functionality can return to normal levels following the use of this compound.

You should also ensure that you have some form of hormonal support on hand like nolvadex or clomid following the use of turinabol to ensure that you're able to promote maximum innate hormonal output once your cycle has ceased.

Turinabol Side Effects

As per all anabolic steroids turinabol does carry with it a risk of adverse issues arising over the course of your time with it. It's fair to say that this side effect risk is certainly minimal but it is absolutely still there nonetheless.

One of the most effective means of avoiding the side effects of turinabol is to get a health check prior to commencing use with it in order to determine whether or not you have any underlying conditions that may be worsened through its use. Regular checks thereafter are encouraged too.

Some of the known potential tbol side effects are:
•    Shortness of breath
•    Elevated blood pressure
•    Dizziness
•    Nausea
•    Insomnia
•    Liver toxicity
•    Aching joints
•    Gynecomastia
•    Increased risk of stroke or heart attack
•    Vomiting
•    Heart palpitations
•    Strong headaches

Though the above issues are unlikely to arise to any severe extent it's still vital that you're aware of their potential to exist when on a turinabol cycle so that you can seek medical assistance if any of them arise and persist to a severe extent.

Turinabol Common Names / Tbol Abbreviations

It can be a little confusing when you're looking for high quality turinabol online because some of the different product names for this item can lead to customers not knowing that they're actually viewing turinabol when looking at product pages due to it coming under a different name.

There are also a few common abbreviations that are used for turinabol and you might not always recognize them which can enhance the confusion further. Below we're going to list all of the different product names and abbreviations for this item so that you always know when you're reading about turinabol whilst researching for information on this compound.

The common turinabol names are:
•    Turinabol
•    Tbol
•    Turanaxyl
•    Turanabol
•    Turan
•    4-Chloro
•    T-Bolic
•    Turinalon

Though some of the above alternative names look like very obvious variants for this product others don't resemble the original name at all which can occasionally make for a very confusing shopping experience. Luckily, you'll now always be able to find tbol for sale online no matter what name it comes under.

Turinabol Half Life / Tbol Active Life

In this section we're going to discuss the turinabol half life and turinabol detection time as these two periods are very different from one another and understanding what either term means is vital to ensuring that you can both optimize your product use and avoid any positive tests.

The half life of a product is the amount of time it remains active in your system for and the active life of a product is the amount of time it stays in your system and is detectable for. On average the half life of turinabol is roughly 16 hours.

This means that you must ensure that no two doses ever take place within this time frame. The active detection time for turinabol is a period of up to 50 days. You must bear this in mind if you want to avoid getting caught out during any planned or expected doping tests.

Oral Vs Injectable Turinabol

At present, turinabol is an oral only steroid meaning that you must use it as you would any other oral compound alongside liver protection and hormone therapy / regular health checks.

It's worth mentioning that some illicit retailers do claim to offer injectable variants of this and other oral steroids but it's imperative to understand that this will be some kind of unsafe derivative and not a legitimate turinabol formula.

Underground labs have been known to grind up and even dilute orals in order to sell them as reportedly higher strength injectable variants, but take our advice and steer well clear of any injectable compound that is being sold as turinabol.

As there is no true injectable version of turinabol that is safe to administer this means that we cannot offer any kind of comparison base for which variant (oral or injectable) is more optimal. The oral turinabol results of course speak for themselves based on this compounds colorful track record.

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