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If you're considering buying testosterone online you probably know all about it if you've been lifting weights or training in any capacity for any length of time due to the fact that it's the most widely used anabolic steroid on the market.

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We know how hard it can be to find a reputable retailer when you're trying to safely buy testosterone online but you can finally relax because our dedication to your utmost satisfaction is unparalleled in this field. No one goes to the lengths we go to in order to be able to deliver the best testosterone for sale online.

We're going to give you every ounce of information you need to determine whether or not buying testosterone online is going to be the right choice for you going forwards and to be able to safely use it either on its own or as part of a wider bodybuilding stack.

Testosterone Benefits

The benefits of buying testosterone online are incredibly far reaching and impactful which makes total sense considering that this is the base hormone on which all other anabolic steroid products are based on and the measuring rod of efficiency.

Testosterone is an androgenic hormone and is ultimately the gateway that leads to us being able to achieve all of the wider benefits that we're able to achieve when using anabolics or weight training in general. We naturally produce it in the human body, but introducing excess levels in the form of a testosterone product will allow us to surpass our natural limits.

Many people buy testosterone due to its benefits for bodybuilding which include enhanced lean muscle mass and elevated strength predominantly but extend into other areas like improved sexual function and energy levels. This makes it a great standalone product or the perfect foundation for basing a wider steroid cycle on.

It's also worth noting that due to the immensely suppressive nature of some other steroid compounds buying testosterone online will become vital in some instances as a means of safeguarding optimal hormonal output whilst on cycle.

The far reaching benefits you'll receive when you buy testosterone cover the following areas:
•    Increased strength
•    Enhanced muscle mass
•    Improved confidence
•    Elevated energy levels and focus
•    Increased sex drive
•    Safeguards optimal hormonal output
•    Improved muscular visibility
•    Improved and preserves lean muscle mass

Typically speaking the above list of positive traits mean that most people buy testosterone to use for bulking purposes save for rare instances where experienced anabolic veterans may integrate it into a cut as a means of promoting maximum hormonal output when administering highly suppressive steroids like trenbolone.

Testosterone Dosage / How To Use Testosterone

When you buy testosterone online you'll find that it is a mild and effective "starter" steroid on which to gauge and build your anabolic tolerance you should still always start at the lowest intake level possible to achieve your desired results.

It's important to state that though dosage ranges will vary massively (some experienced professional bodybuilders have been known to use anywhere up to two grams per week!) it's never a good idea to base your own use on anyone else's cycle.

Stick with what you know is safe for optimal results and a safe experience. You'll also need to purchase and use some form of post cycle therapy like nolvadex when you buy testosterone online in order to encourage your system to naturally produce its own testosterone again once usage has ceased.

A typical testosterone cycle will last anywhere from 6 to 15 or more weeks depending on the individual tolerance and receptiveness of the user.

The following testosterone doses serve as effective starting guidelines:
•    A beginner should use between 300 - 400mg per week
•    Intermediate users will require 400 - 600mg per week
•    An advanced user will likely require in the region of 500mg - 1 gram per week depending on their tolerance

There's no specific right or wrong answer in regards to what the right dose will be for you when using testosterone vials for sale and only you can decide what's best based on an initial testing cycle at the minimum level following which you can make progressive increments to determine where your ideal minimum level for maximum benefit should be.

Testosterone must be injected intramuscularly once purchased.

The Side Effects Of Testosterone

Not all testosterone for sale has been created equal and some variants have been known to produce negative effects so it's vital that you integrate some form of hormone support with effective post cycle treatments in order to safeguard your innate / organic hormonal output after use.

It's worth mentioning that even the most premium grade test available can still carry with it a risk of side effects manifesting.

Whether issues manifest or not is entirely user dependant. You should always consult with a GP prior to using this or any other anabolic compound to guarantee the most safe and effective user experience possible.

Once your cycle starts it would prove wise to get bi weekly health checks as a means of ensuring that your internal functionality is completely as it should be during the course of your anabolic use and thereafter.

Potential testosterone side effects may include:
•    Nausea
•    Heart palpitations
•    Gynecomastia
•    Vomiting
•    Elevated blood pressure
•    Dizziness
•    Shortness of breath
•    Increased risk of stroke or heart attack
•    Excess water retention
•    Aching joints

As previously stated, side effect manifestation when using testosterone for sale will rely largely on your genetics and how safely / effectively you adhere to appropriate usage guidelines.

Testosterone Common Names / Abbreviations

As people have been able to get their hands on testosterone for sale from the 1930's onwards this means that over the years many different manufacturers have created their own brand names for it in order to differentiate their products on the market.

Though there may be many different names it's important to understand that how you use these compounds in regards to dosage guidelines and safety information remain exactly the same as they are for normal testosterone.

The following list of common testosterone names will help you to locate information about this product more easily when searching for it online:
•    Testosterone
•    Test
•    Testim
•    Fortesta
•    Androgel
•    Testopel
•    Aveed
•    Natesto
•    Vogelxo
•    Xyosted

When you see any of the above brand names during internet searches for testosterone vials for sale this means that the product you're reading about is actually testosterone itself.

Testosterone Half Life / Testosterone Detection Time

The half life of a compound determines how long it remains accessible and usable in your system for. It's crucial to understand the half life of any compound that you use because this is going to enable to you to ensure that you have peak levels of it available in your system at any given time.

When administering your testosterone injections for sale online you need to ensure that you don't integrate it into your system too closely to the last dose you took as this could lead to serious adverse issues arising, but equally you shouldn't wait too long or exceed the maximum half life limit as this will lead to there not being an optimum enough level of your chosen compound in your bloodstream.

It's hard to give an accurate half life for testosterone due to there being so many different esters available, but usually the shortest acting ester (propionate) will last roughly 24 hours in the system whereas the longest lasting cypionate ester will last for roughly 8 days.

In regards to detection time, again this varies depending on the variety of testosterone used but propionate will be detectable by a drug test for around 2 weeks whereas the cypionate variant will be traceable for around 3 months maximum.

Avoid using testosterone if you expect to face any drugs tests within this time frame.

Oral Vs Injectable Testosterone

All testosterone mixes and esters need to be administered via injection only and cannot be taken orally. There are no official or safe oral variants of testosterone on the market and should you see any product listed for sale as oral testosterone you should steer well clear.

At our store you can rest assured that every variant of testosterone we stock is entirely legitimate and safe for human assimilation.

N ever get tempted to try and find oral variants of any compound that is intended for administration via injection as this is likely to lead to hugely negative side effects if they are used. This is due to the unsafe means by which an oral variety of this steroid type would be created.

Where To Buy Testosterone Online

It's time to bring an end you typing testosterone injections buy online into a search engine in the pursuit of the best test on the internet.

All of our testosterone injections for sale online have been stringently batch tested and produced in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) medical grade guidelines to guarantee optimum safety and efficiency.

This means that you'll always have a positive and beneficial experience with us which is massively important to our business and ties into our core values. Only your utmost satisfaction and safety will suffice.

As hundreds of happy existing repeat customers will attest to, the best testosterone for sale online can be found at our web store along with all of the other products required for a safe and effective cycle.

We're looking forward to hearing about your results.

Valkyrie VALKYMIX-B 400

Valkyrie VALKYMIX-B 400

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Blend of: Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml; Boldenone Undecylenate 200 mg/ml.
Common name Valkyrie Mix B


Valkyrie TEST-PROP 100

Valkyrie TEST-PROP 100

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/ml
Common name Testosterone Propionate


Valkyrie VALKYMIX-C 250

Valkyrie VALKYMIX-C 250

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Blend of: Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg/ml; Drostanolone Propionate 75 mg/ml; Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/ml.
Common name Valkyrie Mix C


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